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Nursery Newsletter

Christmas events...

We're going on a bear hunt...

This week in Nursery we have been reading and reciting the story Were Going on a Bear Hunt.  We went on our own bear hunt searching for bears around the Nursery garden. We drew bear pictures and made bear masks. The week finished with a fantastic teddy bear's picnic all the children bought bears from home to accompany us on the picnic.  What an exciting week!

Teddy bear's picnic

Nursery Newsletter

We have been very busy!

In nursery  we have been learning about festivals. We made Rangoli art and listened to stories about Diwali. For Bonfire night we made rocket pictures and listened to firework sounds. We also had a fantastic time during international week the children looked great  wearing their traditional dress and ate lots of different food from around the world.

Butterfly Party

This week Nursery have been learning about minibeasts. We designed our own butterfly  wings and hats and baked butterfly buns. We had a lovely time dancing at our butterfly party. 

Nursery farm visit

Ian the farmer brought his farm animals to visit nursery. He had Alpaca's, ponies, sheep, goats, a piglet, rabbits, chicken's, chicks, ducklings and a tortoise. The children were really gentle and stroked the animals carefully. The children and teachers had a fantastic day.

Pirate Day
Nursery had lots of fun dressing up for pirate day. We danced, played pass the parcel and even walked the plank!


In nursery we have been learning about pirates. We have had lots of fun dressing up as pirates, making telescopes and building ships. We even searched for pirate treasure that Captain Orange Beard had lost. We have learnt some new words such as "Captain, Ahoy and Shiver me timbers".  On the 26th May we will be having a pirate day so please come dressed like a pirate.

Read our newsletter to find out about what we will be learning in nursery.

Share a Story

Thank you to all the parents who attend share a story. Its lovely to see you reading and looking at the pictures with your children. Share a story is every Friday  8:45-9:00 for morning nursery and 12:15-12:30 for afternoon children - hope you will join us soon.

Fairy Tale Topic

We have been learning about fairy tales in nursery. We have read The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Little Red Riding Hood. The Children had lots of fun tasting porridge, baking gingerbread men, planting beans and building houses for the Three Little Pigs.

Dogs Trust Visit

This week we had a special visitor in nursery. Laura Jane and her pet dog Martha came from Dogs Trust. Laura Jane showed nursery how to care for dogs and even let us stroke Martha her dog. We had a lovely time.

Pet Topic

In nursery we are learning about pets. We have been learning the names of animals and how to look after them. The children have been using their imagination when playing in the Veterinary Surgery. The children have been dressing up as doctors and nurses and have been making the poorly animals better.

Christmas Concert

Nursery morning and afternoon classes both learnt some lovely Christmas songs, which they performed beautifully for their parents

Come and share a story

International Week

The children in Nursery loved learning about lots of different countries and dressing in traditional dress from those countries. Lots of parents also came into Nursery to sing songs with the children.


Nature Walk

The Nursery Children enjoyed a lovely walk around the playground looking at all the autumn leaves and learning about nature.

Farm Visit

Nursery were really lucky to have a visit from a mobile farm. There were donkeys, goats, alpacas, ducks, tortoises, guinea pigs and chicks! The children learnt all about the animals and got to spend lots of time with them.