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Class 1 

Class 1's amazing assembly!

Class 1 did an amazing assembly! The children have been reading lots of different stories. We enjoyed hearing all about them.

Class 1 Trip to Abbey House

Class 1 had a step back in time on their recent visit to Abbey House. Monday was wash day, no electricity meant no electric irons, washing machines or tumble dryers. We learnt that houses had no bathrooms and the toilet was outside.

Skelton Grange Trip

Class 1 had a fantastic day at Skelton Grange as part of their Geography and Science work about Winter. They pretended to be hedgehogs, made winter crafts, explored the woods, made houses for their gnomes and finished the day around a fire eating freshly popped popcorn.

Thackray Medical  Museum Trip

Class 1 visited Thackray Medical Museum for a workshop on Teeth and Healthy Eating. They learned about the jobs our different teeth do and they did a messy experiment where they learn what happens to our food after we've eaten it! They also had a look around the Life Zone at the museum. They had a great time and were very well behaved. Well done Class 1!

An Autumn Walk

Class 1 went on an autumn walk to look for seasonal changes as part of their geography work.

Temple Newsam Trip

Class 1 went on a trip to Temple Newsam House to look at Portraits as part of their Art work.

They looked at portraits and made a 3D life size portrait. They also had the opportunity to dress up as characters from long ago and sketch some portraits.

Artwork Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy

Class 1 have looked at some art work by Andy Goldsworthy.  The materials used in Andy Goldsworthy's art often include brightly coloured flowers, icicles, leaves, mud, pinecones, snow, stone, twigs, and thorns.

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Class 1 enjoyed having a Teddy Bear's Picnic as a reward for their hard work, running a very busy café.

Harlow Carr

Class 1 visited Harlow Carr to look at different types of trees and leaves.

We jumped over ditches and tip-toed past a troll!

We even saw the BFG!

To finish off such a busy day we played in the tree house.

Class 1 Café

Thank you to all the parents who came to the 'Class 1 Café'.  The children worked very hard and the customers were delighted with the service they received.

Geography Project - Part 5

Using our postcodes we found our houses on Google Earth. The children were very excited!

Geography Project - Part 4

We all bought a second class stamp and posted our letters home - an invitation to Class 1 Café on Monday 3rd July.

Geography Project - Part 3

We have all learnt our addresses and most importantly our postcodes!

Geography Project - Part 2

The route is planned, so using the maps we set off with our letters for posting.

Geography Project - Part 1 

Class 1 used a street map to plan their route to the local post office to buy stamps.


Class 1 had a 'Mastery Task' about capacity. It caused quite a discussion in the plenary. Please ask your children to explain the answer.

Weighing - using non-standard units of measure

Class 1 found objects around the classroom to weigh. Before weighing the objects they had to estimate the number of cubes needed.

Computing to create a block graph

Class 1 used the information from their bird watch to create a block graph on the computers and iPads.

Dogs Trust Visit

Martha a French Bull-Dog came to visit Class 1 from the Dogs Trust. We learnt how to stay safe around dogs and how to care for them.


Class 1 Ballerinas

Class 1 had a lovely PE lesson, learning some ballet moves - they were very graceful and listened beautifully to the instructions,

Class 1 Assembly

Class 1 performed a retelling of the traditional tale 'The Enormous Turnip'. They spoke clearly and sang beautifully. The rest of school clearly enjoyed it, as did so many parents! Well done Class 1!

RSPB School Birdwatch

Class 1 have taken part in the RSPB giant bird watch as part of their science topic. They spotted: house sparrows, blue tits, magpies and blackbirds....



Class 1 have been using step by step instructions to move the bee--bots on the mats. It was a bit tricky to start with but we are getting much better! 


Safe Chopping

In DT we learnt a safe way to cut foods using the 'bridge' and 'claw' cut.



ERIC Time (Everyone Reading In Class) - the children really enjoy reading during ERIC time.


An Autumn Walk

Class 1 have been exploring the school grounds to see how things change in the autumn... leaves changing colours and falling from the trees. Some of the children found seeds from the Sycamore tree too!

Class 1's Visit to Leeds Minster

The children really enjoyed their visit to Leeds Minster and learnt about Baptism. There were some very proud 'Parents and Godparents' and no tears from the baby!

Skipping Day!

Class 1 thoroughly enjoyed skipping day - they were taught lots of new skills and had a fabulous day.

Temple Newsam Trip

Class 1 visited Temple Newsam house to look at lots of portraits. We chose props to create a 3D portrait and we dressed up as some of the people in the portraits. They lived in Temple Newsam House a long time ago,

Relaxing in the Garden!

So much is happening in the school garden. Class 1 enjoyed relaxing in the garden to do some observational drawings.

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