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Steam Train and Santa!

Reception Class had a fabulous afternoon at Middleton Railway. They had a lovely ride on a steam train with Father Christmas and were so well behaved Father Christmas gave them all a present each.

Reception Newsletter

This is what we are learning about this term.

Reception Newsletter

This is what we are learning about this term.

Our first week at school

We are having a super week at school!

Reception Assembly

Reception Class have been learning the story of the Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Their assembly was fantastic, they performed some lovely songs and told the story beautifully - the parents loved it!

Reception Visit the Farm

The sun shone when Reception Class visited Hesketh Farm Park. They had an amazing day; feeding lambs, collecting eggs, stroking guinea pigs, holding chicks and playing in the playground, not to mention a tractor ride!

Sponsored Walk

Reception Class had a great time on the sponsored walk, they were all very cheerful and enthusiastic - well done everybody!

Owl Visitors

As part of our topic about nocturnal creatures we had a visit from 5 real owls. We looked at their special eyes, found out where their ears are and how sharp their talons are. Some of the owls flew across the hall, they were very silent.

International Week

As part of International Week, Reception Class have been learning about England. We made masks of the queen, we counted to 6 with a London bus, we made pictures of soldiers from Buckingham Palace and made jam tarts. We had lots of fun!

Posing for the Yorkshire Evening Post

The photographer from the Yorkshire Evening Post came to school to take a picture of the new Reception children. The children listened brilliantly and all smiled beautifully for the camera. Once the picture is published, we'll send home a copy of the newspaper to all Reception families.

Reception class first day at school!

We are having a brilliant first day at school!

Trip to Hesketh Farm

Reception Class had a fantastic day out at Hesketh Farm. They enjoyed lots of different activities: tractor rides, feeding the lambs, holding the chicks and guinea pigs, as well as plenty of time to play in the playground - what an amazing day!

Parents Visit Reception Class

Reception Class enjoyed a visit from their parents recently. The children shared their library books, which they chose on their trip to Compton Road Library, and the parents also had the opportunity to look at the children's work in their profile books. It was lovely to see so many parents in school.

Reception class visited Compton Road Library

We went on the mini bus to the library at Compton Road. We listened to some stories and then got to borrow a book each to bring back to school. We are looking forward to sharing our books with our mums and dads this week when they come into our class to look at our profiles.  We can't wait to go back to the library to borrow a different book.

Hard at Work!

Reception class have been practising their handwriting. They know lots of letters and sounds now.



In Reception, the children have based lots of their learning around the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. As part of this they all made some porridge - most of the children really enjoyed it!

Skipping Day!

The children all had a fantastic time learning the basics of skipping and are now enjoying skipping at play time!

It is our first day at school! We are having a brilliant time!