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Year 5

Rewind to Easter

Class 5 visited Moortown Baptist Church to participate in a 'Rewind to Easter' workshop. The children played games, enjoyed some fantastic acting and asked some excellent questions. They also decorated a plant pot and planted seeds, which symbolised the new life of Jesus's resurrection at Easter. It was lots of fun!

Florence Nightingale & Mary Seacole

Class 5 performed their assembly yesterday on the theme of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. They compared and contrasted the two women's lives, performed a poem and sang beautifully! They captured how influential these women truly were.



Year 5's assembly was about the myth 'Pandora's box'. The children performed beautifully and the parents were very impressed.


Today the children in Class 5 have had a fantastic experience in the Stardome Planetarium. Mr Lunn took the children on a journey exploring constellations and their Ancient Greek Myths. They were able to view photographs from satellites and learn from Mr Lunn's wealth of Astronomical knowledge and experience.
Meroan states, "I will always remember that Venus rotates the opposite way and the days are longer than the years!"

Skipping Day!

The children had a brilliant time learning skipping skills last week, they even learnt to do a criss cross, which they have been practicing in the playground since.

Brazilian Assembly

Class 5 have been doing a topic all about Brazil. For their assembly, the children presented facts and information about all aspects of Brazil, from the Amazon Rainforest to football, to the 2016 Rio Olympics, plus much more.  The children performed a Samba (see below) in celebration of the Rio Carnival and played a Samba tune on their recorders (see below). To conclude the children said The Lord's Prayer in Portuguese.
Well done class 5!

Steel Pans

The children have been working really hard and have learnt to play Ebony and Ivory!

Moortown Baptist Church Trip

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic 'Rewind to Easter' workshop at Moortown Baptist Church. The Easter story was brought to life through story-telling, quizzes and a multi-media presentation. Each child also decorated a plant pot and planted seeds, to reflect the 'new life' of the Easter story. 

Visit from a Poet

Class 5 enjoyed a fantastic poetry masterclass led by David Harmer. We initially wrote individual nonsense poems about tables. We also wrote some descriptive animal poems and finally produced a class composition about a visiting UFO! We performed our UFO poem to the rest of the school in our celebration assembly at the end of the school day. What a memorable day!


Victorian Assembly

Class 5 enjoyed performing their assembly based on The Victorians and Oliver Twist. Lots of parents came along and thoroughly enjoyed the assembly, especially the beautiful singing.



Ancient Greeks

In year 5, we recently visited Leeds City Museum as part of our topic learning about the Ancient Greeks. We had great fun exploring the museum and learning lots of interesting facts. We placed events into chronological order, practised making Ancient Greek coins, investigated artefacts and made our own masks. We had a fantastic time!

International Week in Class 5

The children in Class 5 have had a fantastic week learning all about Japan. They have made noodles and wrote instructions on how to make them. They have produced information booklets on Japan and Carp kites to celebrate Children’s Day. The class showed great resilience when making origami animals as it was rather tricky. To celebrate the close of International week the children came in traditional clothes and showed their fan dance to parents.

International Week Fan Dance

Class 5 have been learning all about Japan and performed a beautiful fan dance for the parents

This term Class 5 have been learning all about our Solar System. They learnt the names and order of all the planets and even made these amazing Solar System Models at home - they were all fantastic!