St Peter's Church of England Primary School

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Class 2

Materials Workshop at Leeds Minster

Class 2 had an excellent morning at Leeds Minster as part of our science topic on materials. We looked around the church at the different materials- there were lots to find! Then we used wax crayons to do brass rubbings. It was lots of fun!

Guy Fawkes

Class 2 have been learning about the Gunpowder Plot. We had a visitor who dressed up as Guy Fawkes and told us the story - it was amazing!

Venn Diagrams

As part of our topic on toys, we worked with our friends to sort toys into different categories.

International Week

Class 2 had a brilliant time learning all about India in International Week. We painted mango prints in art and created Rangoli patterns on the computer. On Friday, we enjoyed dressing up in our clothes from around the world.

International dancing

We started International Week by doing some fun Brazilian dancing called capoeira. It was very energetic.

Mr Walbank

As part of our topic on toys, Mr Walbank came and told us about the toys and games he played with when he was a child. We were able to ask him lots of questions.

 Abbey House Museum

We really enjoyed our trip to the toy museum. There were lots of old toys and replica toys to look at. Some of us even had the chance to dress up as Victorian children. We had a great time.

Class 2 Go to the Seaside!

Class 2 had a fantastic time in Filey. The sun shone all day so, after a picnic lunch, the children played in the sand and had an amazing time splashing in the sea, followed by ice cream and a sleepy journey home!

Geography Week

In geography week, Class 2 have been learning about aerial photos and using co-ordinates to navigate around the playground. We even did a treasure hunt. We had a lovely time!

Thwaite Mills

Class 2 had a lovely visit to Thwaite Mills searching for minibeasts. We even went pond dipping and found tadpoles! In the afternoon, we made some butterflies and dragonflies. It was a really great day.

Toy Museum

As part of their topic learning about toys from the past, Class 2 went to Abbey House Toy Museum, where they got to play with lots of toys - comparing toys from the present to those of the past. They also dressed up as Victorian children and played with toys from that era.

Skipping Day!

Class 2 were really enthusiastic about skipping day and were really good at learning the different skills.


The children enjoyed a brilliant time at the seaside - the sun shone all day and the children made sandcastles, splashed in the sea, had an ice cream and buried each other in the sand - what a fantastic day!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Class 2 had an amazing day out at Yorkshire Wildlife Park. As you can see, they saw lots of different animals and learnt all about them. Thank you so much to Variety Club for inviting us!


Class 2 have been learning about minibeasts. We had some caterpillars, that turned into pupas and then butterflies. We released the beautiful butterflies into the open air. 

Ceilidh Dancing

Class 2 had a brilliant PE lesson learning to ceilidh dance - they soon picked up the steps!


We had a great afternoon looking for different materials around our classroom as part of our new science topic.

Class 2 Assembly

Class 2 did a wonderful assembly about Traditional Tales. We acted out the story of the Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and the Little Red Hen. We learnt lots of songs and poems. Mrs Smallwood was really proud of us! Well done.

Variety Club Christmas Party

Class 2 were very lucky to be invited to the Variety Club Christmas Party at Elland Road. We watched a really funny pantomime of Cinderella. After that we ate a delicious lunch. In the afternoon, there was a disco where we did lots of fantastic dancing. Santa and Snowman even came to visit! It was a wonderful day.