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School priorities

Each year our school decides what our priorities are for the coming year. We choose what to focus on by using a range of information       such as:

  • What our data tells us about areas of learning that pupils need additional support in or differences in the performance of groups such as boys and girls.
  • New curriculum developments from the Department for Education or Ofsted changes which we need to implement.
  • National initiatives and areas which all schools need to focus on for example assessment systems or new subjects being introduced into the curriculum.
  • Changes to the way pupils are tested mean we may focus on training staff with new materials.

Priorities 2021/22:

Priority 1:  How well does our curriculum build on prior knowledge which is transferrable to subsequent learning?   

Objective : The school has a clear curriculum strategy which sets out the intent, implementation and impact stages of the curriculum. Teachers identify useful and well-chosen knowledge for subjects that is built over time, enabling progress through a sequenced curriculum. Prior content is built upon so that pupil knowledge is transferrable for subsequent learning. Pupils know more, remember more and retain key knowledge in their long term memory.

Priority 2 :   A new EYFS framework is in place from September 2021 which staff will need to understand and implement.   

Objective : EYFS planning and provision meet the requirements of the new framework and ensure pupils have a rich and meaningful experiences in school.  Frequent and effective learning supports accelerated progress in language development.

Priority 3 : Early language development and writing catch up.

Reading – to ensure that our systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP) is carefully structured and consistently taught; providing a complete teaching programme which meets all the expectations of the National Curriculum. To consolidate the use of VIPERS throughout school to support reading comprehension. To promote a love of reading throughout school and acknowledge it as a gateway to all other learning. 

Writing – to use sentence types (Alan Peat) throughout school to aid pupils with their writing structure and ensure progression of skills. To introduce a new spelling scheme to support pupils’ with their spelling accuracy and confidence. To celebrate and promote writing with a focus on rebuilding writing stamina, accuracy and creativity.  

Spoken Language – to identify key gaps in early language early and provide high-quality language intervention in Early Years and Key Stage 1.