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School priorities


Each year our school decides what our priorities are for the coming year. We choose what to focus on by using a range of information       such as:

  • What our data tells us about areas of learning that pupils need additional support in or differences in the performance of groups such as boys and girls.
  • New curriculum developments from the Department for Education or Ofsted changes which we need to implement.
  • National initiatives and areas which all schools need to focus on for example assessment systems or new subjects being introduced into the curriculum.
  • Changes to the way pupils are tested mean we may focus on training staff with new materials.#

Priorities 2023-24:


Objective 1:

Metacognition - developing retention of knowledge. Explore research about the stages of learning pupils encounter. Select methods which allow learning to enter the long-term memory where it can connect, organise, build and modify. Use the Link it, Learn it, Check it, Show it, Know it model. Trial and evaluate the most effective methods of linking prior learning explicitly and recalling learning previously taught.  This will result in pupils knowing more and remembering more of their learning.

Objective 2:

Reading - monitor the consistency of teaching & pupil outcomes using the systematic synthetic phonics programme (SSP – Little Wandle). To closely monitor the lowest 20% of readers with particular focus on fluency & comprehension. To develop our rapid catch-up resources & monitor teaching.

Writingto identify children struggling with handwriting & provide intervention, to provide staff training to help children develop their editing skills (self & peer). To standardise the use of success criteria throughout school.

Languageto continue to use a range of interventions t support early language acquisition such as Early Talk Boost, NELI, Talk Boost and Colourful Semantics. 


Objective 3:

Vision and values - For all stakeholders to know and understand the school’s theologically rooted Christian vision. For the vision to underpin the work of the school enabling pupils and adults to flourish. Actions and decisions link to the core of the vision and outcomes reflect the school as a place where children are supported to rise higher, learn fully, grow spiritually, treat others well and increase resilience.