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Star WriterS


Lamiek - Year 6

For his excellent, informative writing about graffiti. He used lots of different sentence types and formal vocabulary. Well done!

Camron - Year 5

For a beautifully organised letter from the point of view of Pandora, apologising for her actions and the potential consequences that may follow.

Hiyabel - Year 3

For writing a description of a winter picture with no prior planning. Hiyabel did well.

Henok - Year 2

For his excellent retelling of the Hare and the Tortoise.

Aisha - Year 6

Aisha successfully created atmosphere as she described a ferocious storm in a first person recount. She used personification very effectively and made great use of rhetorical questions to engage the reader. Very impressive writing!

David - Year 6

David used some fantastic vocabulary in his recount of the story 'The Day of Ahmed's Secret' by Florence Parry Heide.  He used the five senses very effectively to transport the reader to the streets of Cairo, Egypt. Amazing writing - well done!

Mercy - Year 6

Mercy wrote a recount, retelling the story 'The Day of Ahmed's Secret' by Florence Parry Heide.  She used a variety of sentence types and skillful vocabulary choices to create suspense very effectively. Fantastic writing!

Hermela - Year 6

Hermela produced an amazing piece of descriptive writing about a journey through a spooky forest. She created atmosphere using a variety of different sentence types and built tension very effectively. Brilliant writing - what a star!

Eleni - Year 2

Eleni did a fantastic job persuading Tiger to live in the jungle. As well as some wonderful BOYS sentences, Eleni also included some brilliant adjectives to add to the description. Wow!

Jonatas - Year 2

Jonatas used BOYS sentences briliantly to create this excellent piece of creative writing. Super use of commas and some lovely adjectives too. Very impressive!

William - Year 2

William produced some lovely persuasive writing to persuade Tiger to live in the jungle. He used BOYS  (but, or, yet, so) sentences really well and also used 'because'. Amazing!

Lidya - Year 1

Lidya produced some excellent writing about a chameleon's visit to the zoo. Lovely handwriting and some super spellings. Well done!

Lydia - Year 2

Lydia wrote some brilliant sentences to describe the teddy bear from St Peter's toy museum. She chose some excellent adjectives and used full stops and question marks correctly. Fantastic!

Eyouel - Year 6

Eyouel worked really hard to produce his biography about Malala Yousafzai. He thought really carefully about the vocabulary he selected and tried hard to include a variety of different sentence types. Super writing!

Nahom - Year 2

Nahom wrote some brilliant BOYS sentences about the story 'The Tiger who Came to Tea'. Fantastic use of conjunctions and commas. Excellent writing - well done!

Melody - Year 4

Melody did a fantastic job retelling the story of when Augustus Gloop fell into the chocolate river in Roald Dahl's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factor. She used lots of fantastic adjectives and fronted adverbials. Great work!

Ezana - Year 5

Ezana produced an excellent description of two revolting Roald Dahl characters. He used super sentence choices and his work was well organised into paragraphs. Ezana also chose some very appropriate adjectives to make his description even more gruesome!

Peniel - Year 6

Peniel has been writing a brilliant biography about Barack Obama. She made notes about his life and used these to create her own sub-sections about the former U.S. President. She used some excellent fronted adverbials and her writing speed is increasing. Well done!

Holy - Year 5

Holy worked with real enthusiasm to produce a high quality myth in our guided writing session. She produced some excellent short sentences for effect and her similes added fabulous description.

Liyana - Year 6

Liyana worked really hard to create a fantastic leaflet for the children in Nursery, explaining how to keep their teeth healthy. She included some excellent rhetorical questions and modal verbs. Well done!