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Class 4 


Year 4 enjoyed having a go at archery. Their skills improved throughout the session, with lots of children hitting the target. Their final challenge was for their group to try and hit each different numbered section of the board. Robin Hood watch out!

Important Letter

Christmas Fun

Class 4 had a lovely time when their parents came to visit; they watched the Christmas performance, did a lovely activity, had a look at their children's books and enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits.

Leeds Museum Trip

Year 4 visited Leeds Museum on the 24th November. They explored the Egyptian artefacts, saw an actual mummy that was 3,000 years old and had their own go at mummifying a body (a fabric body, not a real one).

Year 4 at Skelton Grange

Year 4 had an excellent day at Skelton Grange. Their behaviour, enthusiasm and engagement were amazing. Some of the activities they enjoyed doing, were a minibeast hunt, pond dipping, creating food chains and working on different environments.

International Week - Switzerland

Class 4 have spent the week learning all about Switzerland - look at the brilliant dance they have learnt.

Home learning

Good morning Class 4.

Miss Higson and Mrs Brady have planned lots of lovely learning for you all. Click on the link below to find out what they would like you to do. Let them know how you are doing on the blog.

Remember - only do the activities you have been asked to do.

We miss you lots - stay safe!

Love Miss Parry xxx

This will be our last week of home learning and we are looking forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday 8th March. 

3 more sleeps until school starts!!!

Learning for Monday 1st March until Friday 5th March

Learning for Monday 22nd February until Friday 26th February

Learning for Wednesday 10th February until Friday 12th February

Learning for Thursday 4th February until Tuesday 9th February

Learning for Wednesday 27th January until Tuesday 2nd February

Learning for Wednesday 20th of January until Tuesday 26th January

Learning for Wednesday 13th of January until Tuesday 19th January

Learning for Wednesday 6th of January until Tuesday 12th January

How to use Purple Mash

Click above for a short clip to show you how to use Purple Mash - thank you to Mrs Vickers for putting it together for us. Please help your child to send messages to their teachers in the blog and upload pictures of their work. We look forward to hearing from you!

Click below for a link to Purple Mash

Happy Christmas!

Santa's Farm

Home learning

Good morning Class 4. 

Well done to all of you who worked so hard last week. We are very impressed and have enjoyed looking at your blog.

2 more days of home learning and then we will see you back at school on Wednesday. We can't wait to see you!

Click below to find the work that Miss Higson has set for the next few days.

Remember - only do the activities she has asked you to do.

Log on to Purple Mash and let her know how you are doing. 

Have a brilliant day - we miss you all.

Love Miss Parry xxx

Learning for Monday 7th December and Tuesday 8th December

Important Letter for Parents of Class 4

International Week

We have been learning all about Switzerland for International Week. We found out that there are four main languages spoken in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh. We have been learning to count to 10 in all four of these languages.

Hi Class 4!

Hello everyone,

We hope you had a lovely weekend. Remember, just do what you can and don’t worry about getting on the internet if your sibling is using the device you need. Super work so far - keep it up!

A very special message from Miss Potter...


Temple Newsam Trip

On Wednesday, Class 4 went on a trip to study history in our local area. Did you know that Temple Newsam is a Tudor house that was actually owned by Henry VIII? We learnt all about the different owners of the house, became detectives to prove it was actually a Tudor House and then even got to dress up as Tudor lords and ladies!

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Christmas Concert

Class 3 and 4 made their teachers very proud during their performance in the Christmas Concert. Do you recognise the tune?

Negative Numbers

Today we made a “human number-line” from -15 to 15. We then made smaller number-lines, for example, a number-line made with only even numbers and a number-line made only with odd numbers. Miss Potter then nominated different children to start at a number and jump up or down the number line, so that we could see which number we would end up at. Maths really can be fun!.

Rewind to Christmas

Class 4 went to Moortown Baptist Church to begin our Christmas celebrations. We learnt about The Christmas Story through acting and songs. Then we made our very own candlelight holders to represent that Jesus is the Light of the World. What a great way to remember the true meaning of Christmas!

Egyptian Workshop

Class 4 went to Leeds City Museum to do an Egyptian workshop. In the exhibition, we saw a real life mummy and lots of Ancient Egyptian artifacts. Then, we mummified the body of a boy called Sunny, who had been eaten by a crocodile! Finally, we made our very own Ancient Egyptian amulets. What a busy, but exciting morning!

Computing Workshop

On Friday, Class 4 had a computing workshop. We learnt about what 'Computer Science' was and how to follow algorithms to solve different problems. Miss Potter even managed to use an algorithm to solve a Rubik's cube! Then we programmed different characters on apps to do what we wanted. It was so fun and we all learnt a lot! Look at us in action...

International Day

Here are Class 4 on International Day. They all either dressed in their country's traditional clothes or in the colours of the Swiss flag. 

Making Fondue for International Week

Class 4 were learning about Switzerland during International Week, so we made a cheese fondue. Our favourite part was tasting it and dipping in the breadsticks and fruit that we had cut up. Yum!