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Year 5

D:Side Visitor

On Thursday 30th June, Dave from D:Side visited Class Five to discuss alcohol. We talked about 'alcohol and the law', where we find alcohol and how people can be responsible with alcohol. 

Burmantofts Community Hub

On Thursday 23rd June, Class Five visited the Burmantofts Community Hub, where they were introduced to another local library resource. 
Whilst there, we learnt all about this year's Summer Reading Challenge, which is all about 'Gadgeteers'. The more books you read, the more prizes you can earn. We had a lovely time! 


Class 5 had a fabulous time when a coach came in to teach them Archery, they listened really well and really improved their skills!

Yeadon Tarn - Canoeing & Orienteering

On Thursday 16th June, Class Five had a memorable day at Yeadon Tarn, right next to the airport. We did canoeing on the water and orienteering around the lake. The weather was beautiful and we all had great fun! 

White Quarry Farm
Year 5 spent a tranquil and interesting day learning about the workings of a real farm. They were able to see their science topic come to life in the wide flower meadows, seeing plant reproduction in action. They also saw first-hand the process food goes through from field to plate. They got to do some leaf prints and plant their own sunflowers. I fun day had by all.

A Day with our Pen-pals

On Wednesday 18th May, Class Five spent the day with their pen-pals from Ripon Cathedral Primary School, who they have previously written and sent a whole class video to. It was a beautiful day, with lovely weather and the children got to know each other through an outdoor orienteering task and an indoor collaborative shield-making activity. After lunch, we said our goodbyes and took a whole class five photo for good memories. We're really looking forward to visit Ripon Cathedral Primary School in July.

Compton Library Visit

On Wednesday morning, Class Five visited their local library, to get all excited about books. There are hundreds of amazing comics, novels, picture books, graphic novels and non-fiction texts, all to be enjoyed. Compton Library is free to join and it's a lovely environment in which families can spend time. We chose some lovely books to take back to school with us. 

Goodbye Lineham Farm!

Preparing to go Home

We've had an amazing three days at Lineham. We have tried so hard and had an enormous amount of fun. Mr Robertson is so proud of you! Here are the children, having their final review meeting, around the fireplace, before we set off back to school. 

Day 3...

Day 2...

Lots of Fun on Day One!

We've Arrived!

Class 5 arrived at Lineham Farm at 11am and after unpacking bags and making beds, we had our lunch. We are now heading to start our activities outside and thankfully, the sun has started to shine!

IntoUniversity morning - What is a University?

On Monday 28th March, Year Five spent the morning at St. Aidan's Church, where they learnt all about that universities, careers and university course options. It was a very interesting morning. 

Reversible and Irreversible Changes

We continued our science work in school this week by continuing with our materials topic, where we are looking closely at reversible and irreversible changes. In this demonstration, we mixed bicarbonate of soda with vinegar. A new product was formed (Carbon Dioxide) and this caused the balloons to quickly inflate. Because a new product was formed, this made the reaction irreversible (you can't get the vinegar and the bicarbonate of soda back). It was very exciting!! 

British Science Week 2022

On Monday 14th March, Class Five made the short trip to the Co-operative Academy, where they participated in a really fun morning of science experiments. The theme for this year's British Science Week is 'Growth' and because of this, all the experiments and demonstrations were to do with growing. We made our own salt growth trees. By standing the trees in salt water, the water will evaporate over time, leaving just the salt crystal behind on the trees. We had a really fun time and lots of us were left feeling very inspired. 

Important Letter 17/02/2022

Lineham Farm Presentation

George's Marvellous Mathematical Medicine

In maths today, we put our measuring skills to the test, to measure out lots of different potions. We followed specific instructions to measure, made observations about the colour of the medicines produced and of course, calculated the total volume of each medicine. We had a fantastic time!

Poetry Recital Semi-Finals

On Thursday 2nd February, Class Five held their Poetry Recital semi-finals. All the children in the class had to perform, off-by-heart, a poem of at least eighteen lines. We had a great morning and it was fabulous to see how nicely the children supported each other. 
Congratulations to our winners, DANA and AALIYA, who performed beautifully and will now go through to the grand finals, which will be held on Wednesday 16th February. 

Happy Christmas!

Class Five would like to wish you all a very Happy and safe Christmas. Lots of love from Mr. Robertson, Mrs Wilkinson, Miss Comrie, Miss Brown and Mrs Kilroy. Enjoy the festive period. 

Y5 Recorder Performance

We have mastered the notes ‘B’, ‘A’ and ‘G’ and after several lessons, we can now play our first song, ‘Hot Cross Buns. Here is a quick performance...

Christmas Fun

Class 5 had a lovely time when their parents came to visit; they watched the Christmas performance, did a lovely activity, had a look at their children's books and enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits.

International Week - Italy

During International Week, Year Five have been learning all about Italy. For our video, we have put together a quick performance that showcases many of the facts that we have learnt. It starts with a counting song and then moves onto some great trivia about Italy itself. Enjoy!


On Monday, Year Five had their first recorder lesson of the year with Miss Smith. We learnt rhythms, names for different notes, how to hold the recorder and most importantly, how to play a nice sound! We all have very colourful recorders to play! 

White Quarry Farm

Year 5 visited White Quarry Farm as a follow-up to our DT topic of bread-making. We found out lots of fascinating information about arable farming from Tango the farmer and Annie from the Country Trust. We visited the granary, where we practised grinding wheat to turn it into flour. To link with our recent artwork about William Morris, we created some beautiful floral prints using leaves, flowers and herbs from the farm and gardens. We also sketched wild flowers in the meadow and met some of the farm animals. We had a simply glorious day and Tango and Annie were incredibly impressed with the children's behaviour and impeccable manners. You are a credit to St Peter's Class 5.

Bread Making

For our latest DT topic, we have been making and shaping bread in Class 5. We mixed the ingredients together to form a dough, which was quite a sticky process! After kneading the dough and leaving it to rest, we shaped it carefully and then baked it in the oven. Our bread tasted delicious & there are some very talented bakers in Class 5. Fantastic work!

Lineham Farm

Year 5 went to Lineham Farm for an exciting activity day. We practised our map-reading skills during orienteering and learnt den-making and fire-building skills during our bush-craft challenge. Using the low-ropes, we helped each other to navigate a tricky obstacle course and worked together brilliantly as a team to complete the rope swing challenge. We had an absolutely fantastic day & the children were complimented on their beautiful manners. Well done everybody!

Home Learning

Good morning Year 5. Mrs Vickers and Mrs Readman have planned lots of lovely learning for you to do today. Click on the link below to find out what they would like you to do.

Remember - only do the activities they have asked you to do today. Let them know how you are doing on the blog. Work hard and stay safe. We  miss you lots - have a good day!

Love Miss Parry xxx

Week 8

This will be our last week of home learning and we are looking forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday 8th March. 

3 more sleeps until school starts!!!

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Week 7

Monday 22nd February is a training day so teachers will not be on the blog as they will be busy doing other jobs today.

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Santa's Farm

Happy Christmas!

International Week

In Class 5, we learnt about Japan as part of our International week. We practised counting up to 10 in Japanese! We also created our own Japanese fans and designed an information leaflet containing lots of interesting facts about Japan.

Hello Class 5!

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A special end of year message for Class 5...

Abbey House Museum

Year 5 became detectives for the morning at Abbey House Museum. We travelled through the cobbled streets, hunting for clues to find the culprit responsible for the mysterious death of ‘Mr Sellit’. We also practised taking fingerprints and learnt more about life in Victorian times. The children behaved brilliantly and we had a fantastic time. 

Super space assembly!

Class 5 did a wonderful assembly all about space and the solar system. They had learned lots of facts about the planets, sang and signed and excellent song and performed some brilliant space poems. It was lovely to see so many parents too!

Amazing solar system models

The children in Class 5 were set a task of making models of the solar system. They have done a great job!  

Abbey House Museum Trip

Year 5 became detectives for the morning at Abbey House Museum. We travelled through the cobbled streets, hunting for clues to find the culprit responsible for the mysterious death of ‘Mr Sellit’. We also practised taking fingerprints and learnt more about life in Victorian times. The children behaved brilliantly and we had a fantastic time. 

God and The Big Bang Trip

Class 5 took part in an exciting workshop at Leeds Minster recently on the subject of 'God and the Big Bang'. We enjoyed experiencing a range of activities led by Christian scientists, who taught us about rainbows, bubbles, fossils and optical illusions. It was a really interesting and informative day and we helped to generate lots of interesting questions about science and religion.

Stardome Visitor

Class 5 had an exciting visit from Mr Lunn and his Stardome. We really enjoyed this experience and learnt lots of new information about our science topic of Space and our history topic of Ancient Greece. We behaved brilliantly and had a fantastic time!

Y5 visit Ripon

In year 5 we were very excited to visit our pen pals at Ripon Cathedral School recently. We spent the morning completing a photo treasure hunt around the school; taking photographs to depict different emotions and exploring their extensive grounds. We then played a fun and friendly game of rounders. What a lovely day!