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Rainbow Class

Rainbow Class Newsletter

Another busy week in Rainbow Class. The children wrote some sentences about Littler red Riding Hood and enjoyed dressing the wolf! They learned the 'ai' sound and continued learning about telling the time. 

Rainbow Class Newsletter

A great week in Rainbow Class. The children have enjoyed more work on Little Red Riding Hood and made some brilliant grandmas. They have done ore work on telling the time and have been learning the nk sound. 

Rainbow Class Newsletter

The children have been very busy learning the ng sound and telling the time. They have also enjoyed being outside in the lovely sunshine. 

Rainbow Class Newsletter

What a busy week in rainbow class!

SEND parents events

Look below to see the events for parents and families of children with SEND. 

Rainbow Class Newsletter

Rainbow class have been busy learning more about the story of Little Red Riding Hood and learning about 2D shapes. 

Rainbow Class Newsletter

We have had a brilliant week! We loved seeing the chicks after they had hatched.

Rainbow Class Newsletter

A great week doing lots of Easter activities. Have a lovely Easter everyone.

Rainbow Class Newsletter

Another busy week looking at Jack and the Beanstalk, lots of phonics and doubling numbers in maths.

Rainbow Class Newsletter

This week we have been learning the x and w sound. We have continued learning about jack and the Beanstalk and had a lovely week, despite the weather!

Rainbow Class Newsletter

A busy week in Rainbow Class looking at the early sings of spring. The children have also been learning two new sounds - j and v and have been doing counting and addition within 10. 

Rainbow Class Newsletter

Rainbow class have had a great week learning about 'what' words in Jack and the Beanstalk. They have also been learning the 'l' sound in phonics and have done some great counting too. 

Rainbow Class Newsletter

We have had a very exciting week. We really liked the visit by the Rockpool Experience and even had pancakes! We all got a Gold Award too for our brilliant PE session on Monday! Well done Rainbow Class. 

Rainbow Class Newsletter

A great week in Rainbow Class. They had lots of fun when the police van came to visit and have been learning abut the Chinese New Year. What a busy week!

Rainbow Class Newsletter

Rainbow class have been busy again. They have been learning addition facts and made some delicious gingerbread men.

Rainbow Class Newsletter

Another busy week in Rainbow Class. They have done some super Maths and had lots of fun at soft play.

Rainbow Class Newsletter

Rainbow Class have been very busy this week. They have continued to learn the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' and have been working hard in phonics and maths too. 

Rainbow Class Newsletter

We have had a great first week back after the Christmas break and have worked very hard. 

Rainbow Class Newsletter

Rainbow Class have had a BRILLIANT Christmassy week! We had lots of fun!

Rainbow Class Newsletter

We have been very busy this week preparing for Christmas!

Rainbow Class Newsletter

Another busy week in Rainbow Class. Find out what they have been doing.

Rainbow Class Newsletter

Find out what Rainbow Class have been busy doing this week. They've had a great time and worked very hard. 

Bear biscuits

We have been reading the story 'Can't You Sleep Little Bear'. We have also been learning about numbers 1, 2 and 3. We made some delicious bear biscuits. We took turns to mix the ingredients, roll the biscuit dough and the cut the bear shapes out. We then added 1 currant nose, 2 currant eyes and 3 currant buttons for the tummies! Our biscuits were BRILLIANT and we even took some home with us. 

p  p p p p PIZZA!

In phonics we have been learning the p sound. We have been thinking about things beginning with p. Our favourite p word was PIZZA!!!! We made a pizza and then cooked it and ate it. It was yummy!

Dancing Tots, sensory play and phonics

We have been very busy in Rainbow Class. We had lots of fun with Dancing Tots for our music and movement session. We have been busy learning s and a in phonics. Heran and Helina really liked dressing up as a,a,a, astronauts! We have been practising writing the letters in the foam and playing in the water. 


We really enjoyed our first PE lesson this year. We travelled around the circuit climbing up and jumping down. We liked sliding down the slide. We also really liked crawling through the tunnel!

Soft play visit

We had lots of fun on our first trip of the year to soft play. We enjoyed playing in the ball pool, climbing up the steep steps and then going down the slide. We really enjoyed being on the mini bus again too. We were GREAT!

Fun Day

We had such a good day! We loved playing on the bouncy castle and slide. The paddling pool was lots of fun too! We also enjoyed visiting the other classrooms. 

Harlow Carr Gardens Trip

Rainbow class had a FANTASTIC trip to Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate. We had a picnic and had lots of fun playing. We saw lots of flowers and trees. We were AMAZING!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This term in Rainbow Class we are learning about 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We made some caterpillar pictures using hand prints. We are learning about doubling before we start to learn the 2 x table. We thought about the life cycle of a caterpillar and made some sensory pictures to show it. We have continued to use Colourful Semantics to help us to learn new vocaubilary linked to the story and write some sentences. We have been looking at the caterpillars in Class 2 and watching them get bigger and bigger!

Learning today - Friday 10th March


Good morning Rainbow Class

School is closed today because it is very snowy. We are staying at home.


We are learning the story of the Three Little Pigs. Can you watch it? Click on the link below and Mr Tumble will tell the story.


Can you write sentence from the story? Use the Colourful Semantics cards to help you.


Can you draw a picture from the Three Little Pigs story. You could label the pictures. Use the Colourful Semantics cards.


The Numberblocks have a Three Little Pigs adventure. Click on the link to watch.


Have a lovely day and keep warm.

Love from Mrs Woodward and Miss Parry xxx

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We have been doing lots of work about Goldilocks an the Three Bears. Some of us have been using Colourful Semantics to help with our vocabulary and sentence construction. We have been learning who, what, what doing and where words from the story. We have painted some brilliant Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have enjoyed reading the story and really like to watch Mr Tumble and Goldilocks and the Three Bears too. In Maths, some of us have been working on the whole-part model and some of us are learning to count to 3.

Stepping stones!

We really liked using the stepping stones that Sarah brought for our Music and Movement sessions so we bought some for Rainbow Class! The children have really enjoyed moving carefully along the stepping stones, waiting and taking turns. They are also getting really good at balancing. Well done Rainbow Class!

Soft play and music and movement

We have had some great sessions at soft play. We are getting really good at climbing safely and this has helped us in school too. We get really excited when it is time to go on the mini bus for soft play. We are also really enjoying our music and movement sessions with Sarah from Dancing Tots. We are getting good at listening to instructions. We really like it when we pretend to be asleep! Our favourite time is when the bubbles come out!

Music and movement

We really enjoyed our first 'Music and Movement' session. We loved the disco lights. We had lots of fun and did some GREAT listening too. We can't wait for our next session. 

Parachute Games!

We had lots of fun with the parachute in PE. We really liked to go underneath it when it went up in the air. We also enjoyed exploring the apparatus and going down the slide.

Christmas in Rainbow Class

We have been very busy making Christmas cards and calendars. We also made some special gifts for our families. Our mums, dads and brothers and sisters came for some Christmas songs and treats. We had lots of fun at our Christmas party and had a visit from a very special person!!!!


We enjoyed a music lesson this week. Stanley really liked the microphone! Some of our friends from Class 1 joined in. We had lots of fun.

International Day

The children had a great time singing and dancing to Eritrean songs and eating himbasha.

Soft Play Room

We went for a trip to the soft play room at the Vinery Centre. We were AMAZING and had lots of fun! We were really happy that the balls were back in the ball pool and loved going down the slide.  


We had a brilliant PE lesson. We were really good at balancing along the benches and we really enjoyed sliding along them too. We had lots of fun!

The children in Rainbow Class have had a great start back and have enjoyed making new friends. They had fun exploring the sensory table, playing in the outside area and spending time in the sensory room. They did some brilliant painting, practised their writing skills and enjoyed reading too.