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Year 3

Hindu Mandir visit

Class 3 visited a Hindu Mandir as part of their RE curriculum. They learned about the Holy Shrine where Hindus worship Murtis which are in the images of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Pupils enjoyed looking at them closely and finding the similarities and differences between them. 
Pupils watched whilst the guides demonstrated the Puja where they pray and the way they perform the Arti to transfer the blessings of the Gods. 

Chocolate Workshop

Class 3 had a wonderful day today learning all about chocolate.  We learnt about the history of chocolate, how it changes from bean to bar, fairtrade and Is it fair? We also made some delicious chocolate lollipops and decorated them with our choice of toppings.

Temple Newsam

Class 3 had a super time at Temple Newsam farm and park today.  We learnt lots about the farm, animals and buildings, ready for our writing about the barn.  We even spotted Charlotte from our class book 'Charlotte's Web.'

Spanish Visitor

Class 3 were visited by Pedro today. He taught us how to 'Salsa' (dance), say some Spanish words and all about his home country of Cuba.

D:Side Visit

Dave from D:Side visited Class 3 today to discuss online safety.  We learnt about the different ratings for online games, who not to be friends with and why.  We asked and answered lots of questions about being safe online.

Murton Park Trip

Class 3 have enjoyed becoming Roman soldiers for the day today. We visited Murton Park and learnt more about the Roman Empire and the Emperors, how to march like a soldier and how to write in Roman cursive script and in numerals.  We also made clay oil lamps similar to the ones Romans would have used for light. In the afternoon, we used pretend swords to fight sand bags and threw javelins at targets to practise our spear throwing.  Finally, we formed a testudo (tortoise shell) to ward off the enemy!

Christmas Party

Class 3 enjoyed a wonderful Christmas party this afternoon with dancing, musical statues, pass the parcel and delicious party food.  

Skelton Grange Trip

Yesterday we visited Skelton Grange to find out more about the Stone Age times.  We used our observation, ‘sneaking’ and hunting skills around the site. We also tried bread and/or mackerel cooked on the open fire like during the Stone Age times.  Everyone tried making their own clay pot for crushing the grass seeds in to make the flour for the bread.

D:Side Classroom Visit

Dave from D-Side visited Class 3 today to discuss the harmful effects of smoking.  He discussed smoking and the law, the long term effects of smoking and peer pressure to smoke.  Everyone listened attentively and asked Dave some very grown up questions about smoking.  

Road Safety

Wendy from the Road Safety team came into Class 3 to talk to us today.  We spoke about the green cross code and remembering to 'think, stop, look and listen' every time we cross a road.  She also discussed the importance of wearing a seatbelt every time we travel in a car or a vehicle; no matter whether it is a short or long distance.

International Day

Class 3 have had a fantastic international day.  We really enjoyed participating in a fun Sri Lankan dance today.  We also learnt lots of interesting facts about Sri Lanka, including the population number, location of Sri Lanka, human and physical features of Sri Lanka, meaning of the flag and how to say 'hello,' as well as lots more.  Ayubowan!

Marvellous Magnets!
Class 3 have been enjoying their 'Forces and Magnets' topic in science this half term. They investigated which type of magnet was the strongest by making paper clip chains using magnetic force. Next week, they will make a bar chart to show their results. 
Class 3 led a super Harvest assembly on Wednesday.  Their theme was a 'Rainbow Harvest' and the children read out Harvest poems, performed a brilliant story called 'The Rainbow People' and spoke in clear articulate voices.  Well done everyone in school who contributed!

Local Area Walk

Class 3 have recently enjoyed their local area walk as part of their geography topic 'Local Area.'  The children spotted human and physical features around the locality of St Peter's Cofe Primary School and looked at how the road system was set up.  Whilst they were out, they sketched and labelled what they observed.

A Brilliant Start to Year 3
Year 3 have made a fantastic start to the year. We've been learning about push and pull forces in science and have been doing some 'freeze frame' actions of push and pull actions. In English, we have been learning about our new story 'The Night Gardener'. In DT, we have been thinking about why different materials are chosen to make different things. We've also enjoyed our first music lesson, where we used musical instruments to make the sounds for a poem. 
Keep up the good work Year 3!


Class 3 had an archery session today. We learnt how to hold and fire a bow and arrow, thinking about how to do it safely and accurately. Next, we played some games trying to hit certain parts on the target to get high scores or different colours. It was great fun!

Chocolate Day!

Year 3 enjoyed their chocolate workshop with David from 'Couer de Xocolat'. They learnt about the history of chocolate, how to taste it with our 5 senses, how it is made from bean to bar and also thought about whether it is always fair for the farmers and growers. In the afternoon they got to make their own chocolate creation!

Coronation Day
Everyone enjoyed themselves making crowns, King Charles collages, fact files, parading around the playground, eating buns and participating in games such as pass the crown.  What a lovely busy day!

Temple Newsam Farm

As part of their work on 'Charlotte's Web', Class 3 visited Temple Newsam Farm. We had a tour of the farm and learnt a lot about the different animals, saw lots of Spring babies and even had time for a play in the sun after our lunch. We will be writing about what we saw and using everything we learnt to help us understand more about the story over the next few weeks.

Roman Mosaics

Class 3 have enjoyed creating their own clay tile using what we've learnt about Roman mosaics. We measured and rolled out a tile, imprinted the border and then decorated the tile with a mosaic patterned border and small tesserae stones with the initial of our name. 

Author visit
Class 3 enjoyed a visit from an author called Richard O'Neill today.  He has written many super storybooks including 'Yokki and the Parno Fry'.  He told us all about how his books are developed from a thought to a story. 

Learning today - Friday 10th March

Morning Class 3
Please practise your times tables for 3,4 and 8 on times tables rock stars (TTRS). Also, complete some maths tasks on Mathletics.
Complete activities on Spelling Shed  for the spelling pattern this week. 
Read your home reading book, a couple of the books on Bug Club and answer the questions set. 
Log on to Purple Mash and choose tasks to complete.
Use your new Real PE username and password and practise some PE skills at home (letter given out on Wednesday).
All usernames and passwords are in your reading planners.
Enjoy your snow day everyone!☃️
Mrs Brogan
Cook It with Mrs Swailes
Today, as part of DT and Spanish, all of the children made Chickpea and Chorizo stew which is a traditional Spanish dish.  We learnt the ingredients and some of the quantities in Spanish.  
World Book Day
Class 3 had a brilliant time sharing their favourite books from home this morning.  They told each other their favourite parts of the book and read extracts to each other.  Happy World Book Day everyone!
We're Going on a Bear Hunt!
We have been thinking about a design for our school's bear cub. We're very excited to be part of the Leeds Bear Hunt Sculpture Trail and loved meeting our new friend before we paint him and he gets put on display in the city. 

Pancake Races

Class 3 enjoyed their pancake races at Leeds Minster today. Everybody had great fun flipping their pancakes and there were lots of winners.  Some children found it really tricky to choose from the favourite toppings of chocolate, strawberry and maple syrup to eat their pancakes with. They were yummy!

Roman Trip

As part of their 'Romans' topic, Class 3 visited Murton Park and spent the day being Roman soldiers. We dressed in tunics, made a clay oil lamp, signed a contract to join the Roman army (using Roman script), practised spear throwing, sword fighting and the 'Testudo' formation. We had a great day and learnt a lot about life in Roman times!

Stone Age Masterpiece!To end our 'Stone Age Art' topic in art, we turned our classroom into a cave and created a collaborative piece of art. We dimmed the lights and used lamps, created a vertical surface by turning the tables on their sides and made a textured surface to work on. Once we had decorated our new cave, we sat around a pretend fire and listened to a story about how the Lascaux Caves were discovered. 

Christmas Party

Class 3 had a fantastic time at the Christmas Party.  We played pass the parcel, enjoyed taking part in a dancing competition and loved musical statues!  All of the children were ready for a drink and some delicious party food to finish.

Class 3 Stone Age visit to Skelton Grange
The children had a wonderful time today finding out more about the Stone Age times and how they survived.  They used their observation, 'sneaking' and hunting skills brilliantly.  Everyone tried some bread and/or mackerel cooked on the open campfire.  A fantastic day Class 3!

Gardening Club

Some pupils in Class 3 have been taking part in an after school gardening club. They have really enjoyed weeding, planting bulbs, looking at the plants and trees in our school environment and making bird feeders. We have a great time!

Spanish Salsa Lesson

Class 3 were joined by Pedro from Cuba and Mrs Wilkinson on Thursday.  We all enjoyed a salsa session in the hall and asked Pedro lots of questions about himself.

Christmas Party!
Year 3 were invited to the Yorkshire Children's Charity 'School's Out' Christmas Party. There was a pantomime, yummy lunch and a disco (with a snow machine!) in the afternoon. We were even visited by Santa. The children had a fantastic time and we all got into the festive spirit!
Rocks Investigation
We investigated the properties of different types of rocks. We thought about whether they were permeable or impermeable, their durability and their density. We recorded our findings on a table. 
Experimenting with Blending and Mixing
As part of our work on Stone Age Art, we thought about how people living in the Stone Age might have made their 'paint'. We mixed powder paint with water and created different colours which we could see on examples of Stone Age artwork. 
Class 3 have been enjoying learning about different types of instruments. We played the 'Boom whackers' and created our own call and response rhythms using different pitched tubes.
Rock Hunters
As part of our new 'Rocks and Soils' science topic, we explored the school grounds and found lots of different types of rocks. We thought about why these rocks might have been used for different things and about their properties. 

International Week

Class 3 have had a lovely day showcasing their learning about Sri Lanka and performing their beautiful dance to the parents.  What a fantastic end to International Week Class 3!

International Week - Sri Lanka
Year 3 have been enjoying learning all about Sri Lanka this week. As part of our learning, we have created Batik-style artwork using wax crayons and learnt a Sri Lankan dance in PE. We can't wait to show parent's and visitors on Friday!
Class Reward
Year 3 have earned a class reward for getting lots of cubes into their reward pot. Mrs Stanley kindly baked the children cakes and everyone got to enjoy a slice. Well done Year 3 and thank you Mrs Stanley! 
Drumming Workshop
As part of international week, Class 3 enjoyed an African drumming workshop. We played games and learnt rhythms; it was lots of fun!
Seed Gathering and Games Workshop
Year 3 met with some rangers from Leeds City Council at St Mary's open space. We learnt lots of interesting facts about the trees growing in our local area and about different methods of seed dispersal. We had great fun playing games at the end and had lots of great questions for ranger Chris and Louise! 
Sewing our bookmarks
We started sewing our fabric bookmarks this week. The children did some amazing needlework and can't wait to take their bookmarks home and start using them! 
Harvest Assembly
Year 3 led our Harvest celebrations in our assembly. We thought about 'Teamwork' as our theme, and thought about how people work together at harvest time to get the food we eat from field to plate. The whole school contributed with songs, prayers and poems. 

Local Area Walk

Today, as part of our Geography topic, Class 3 walked around the local area taking notice of all the human and physical features in our area.  We also looked at how the roads are laid out and how everything fits together in the wider context. We drew the things that we observed and labelled them. 

Super Sewing! 
Year 3 have been practising their sewing skills. They concentrated really well and will be using their new skills in our 'fabric bookmark' project over the next few weeks. 


Year 3 have started looking at a new book in English called 'The Street Beneath My Feet'. We enjoyed looking at the detailed illustrations and folding out all of the pages to help us think about the different layers of the ground beneath us!

Art Workshop

On Monday afternoon Year 3 were visited by an artist an illustrator called Sophie. She shared some of her work with us and helped us to create artwork inspired by our topic work (Our Local Area). We drew local landmarks with fine liner pens and added watercolours to our skylines. 


Year 3 have been thinking about 'Push', 'Pull' and 'Twist' forces in science. We investigated the question 'Do all toys need a force to make them move?' by predicting the type of force they might need, recording our results and then writing a conclusion. 

Starting Swimming

Year 3 had their first swimming lesson as a class today. Here is the class all ready to set off - they walked very sensibly across to Quarry House and had lots of fun in the pool. Well done Year 3! 

St Peter's Day

Year 3 listened to the story of Peter (then called Simon) and Jesus meeting for the first time. We talked about his life as a fisherman and then a 'fisher of men'. We made our own decorated fish by printing on fish shapes using bubble wrap and paint and then we played a fishing game with our finished creations.


The children really enjoyed their archery session today with Mr Rose.  Everyone tried hard to shoot their arrow at the target board with lots of laughter and success.

Year 3 Chocolate Workshop
Today we enjoyed a visit with David from Coeur De Xocolat. He taught us about the history of chocolate and told us about his travels around the world visiting Cocoa farms. We also tasted cocoa nibs, dark and milk chocolate using our five senses. In the afternoon we made chocolate lollipops after the chocolate had tempered. Lots of sweeties were included! Yummy!

Temple Newsam Farm

Class 3 visited Temple Newsam Farm as part of our work on the book Charlotte's Web. We enjoyed meeting the animals and learning all about life on a farm. We looked closely at the barns in preparation for our descriptive writing in class.

Gardening Club

Class 3 have been attending a gardening after school club. Here they are watering and weeding the raised beds. They have grown leeks, garlic and strawberries so far! They have also had lots of fun.

Roman Trip

Year 3 travelled to Murton Park in York to spend the day as Roman soldiers. We dressed up as soldiers, signed contracts using roman numerals, made clay pots, threw javelins and fought sandbags with wooden swords.

Christmas Fun

Class 3 had a lovely time when their parents came to visit; they watched the Christmas performance, did a lovely activity, had a look at their children's books and enjoyed hot chocolate and biscuits.


Class 3 have spent the last 3 weeks investigating chocolate, where it comes from and how it is made. This week they have designed their own chocolate bars in their 'factory groups' and then made adverts to promote their invention! Good work everyone!

Home learning

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Remember - only do the activities you have been asked to do.

We miss you lots - stay safe!

Love Miss Parry xxx

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Happy Christmas!

Santa's Farm

International Week

Class 3 have been learning about Sri Lanka. We learnt about the Perehera - a famous parade and then decorated an elephant to make our own Elephant Parade!

Hello Class 3!

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Romans for a Day

Class 3 went on a fantastic trip to Murton Park where we were Romans for the day. We made clay oil lamps, wrote our names in Latin and did weapons training. We even scared away as Celt who was trying to invade the fort!

Harvest Festival

Year 3 led our Harvest Festival celebration. This year the theme was Caring and Sharing. The children used the letters in the word Harvest to explore different ideas such as how some people do not have enough to eat and how important it is to share with others. The children made harvest sheaves of bread which were shared with each class. Mr Robertson and Mrs Brady took part in a special Ready, Steady, Cook challenge to teach everyone about things being unfair sometimes. It was a lovely occasion and we joined with our parents to give thanks to God for the wonderful harvest we all enjoy.


Today we did an activity to practice our multiplication and division called 'Mathopoloy'. Our eight winners were Yosan, Efron, Hermela, Peniel, Isabella, Seth, Ike and Senai - well done everybody!

Harlow Carr Trip

Class 3 had a great day den building in the woods at Harlow Carr. Everyone worked well in teams and enjoyed constructing the shelters using each other's ideas. Although it was a bit rainy, we also had fun walking around the gardens, exploring everything there is to see there.

Art Workshop

Classes 2 & 3 had a visit from a local artist, Peter. He showed us lots of different works of art and we had to be picture detectives e.g. Finding a painting with a horse in, a painting with a storm. Then we worked together to create our own picture. It was lots of fun! 

Harlow Carr Trip

C;ass 3 visited Harlow Carr to learn about the weather. We explored the gardens, looked at the weather station and learnt about the water cycle - and the sun shone all day!