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Year 3


Harvest Festival

Year 3 led our Harvest Festival celebration. This year the theme was Caring and Sharing. The children used the letters in the word Harvest to explore different ideas such as how some people do not have enough to eat and how important it is to share with others. The children made harvest sheaves of bread which were shared with each class. Mr Robertson and Mrs Brady took part in a special Ready, Steady, Cook challenge to teach everyone about things being unfair sometimes. It was a lovely occasion and we joined with our parents to give thanks to God for the wonderful harvest we all enjoy.


Today we did an activity to practice our multiplication and division called 'Mathopoloy'. Our eight winners were Yosan, Efron, Hermela, Peniel, Isabella, Seth, Ike and Senai - well done everybody!

Harlow Carr Trip

Class 3 had a great day den building in the woods at Harlow Carr. Everyone worked well in teams and enjoyed constructing the shelters using each other's ideas. Although it was a bit rainy, we also had fun walking around the gardens, exploring everything there is to see there.

Art Workshop

Classes 2 & 3 had a visit from a local artist, Peter. He showed us lots of different works of art and we had to be picture detectives e.g. Finding a painting with a horse in, a painting with a storm. Then we worked together to create our own picture. It was lots of fun! 

Harlow Carr Trip

C;ass 3 visited Harlow Carr to learn about the weather. We explored the gardens, looked at the weather station and learnt about the water cycle - and the sun shone all day!

Visit to Leeds Library

Years 3 and 4 went to a Nick Sharratt exhibition at Leeds Central Library. We learnt about how he writes and illustrates books and had a lot of fun dressing up as some of his characters!

Harlow Carr Trip

Year 3 enjoyed a day at Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate. We built dens in the woodland and explored the grounds (including the tree house and some interesting sculptures). The children had a great day and were lucky that the sun was shining!

Minster Visit

Year 3 visited Leeds Minster yesterday morning for a fantastic Easter workshop. We explored the church and listened to different parts of the Easter story. We saw some exciting objects along the way to help with our understanding. The children then got to test what they had learnt by ordering the Easter story, and also took part in some fun art and reading activities.

Roman Assembly

Class 3 took us back in time to Roman days for their class assembly. They were fantastic! 

Roman Day


Class 3 taking part in group discussion in their philosophy lesson about bravery and courage this week.

Brilliant Bonfire

Year 3 watched a bonfire and sparklers in the school playground and thought about what we could see, smell, hear and feel. We even got to taste a jacket potato and bonfire toffee (yum!) and then we wrote detailed descriptions of the experience.


The children enjoyed the capoeira dance workshop which was organised as part of International Week. We all enjoyed learning about the origins of capoeira and having a go at some different moves!

Bread Making for Harvest

As part of our harvest celebrations, Year 3 made a harvest sheaves out of bread. We made one for each class which we then gave out during the Harvest Assembly. They were great fun to make (and eat!)

Chocolate Adverts

Class 3 made some adverts to promote the chocolate bars they designed and made. Well done to each group.

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Harlow Carr Trip

Class 3 spent a lovely day at the RHS Gardens of Harlow Carr in Harrogate. The enjoyed a morning of den building in the woods and exploring all the lovely activities on offer. After a picnic lunch, the children walked around the beautiful gardens and admired the colourful plants.

Meeting Bishop Paul

On Wednesday Morning all the children in Class 3 went to Leeds Minster to meet Bishop Paul. He spent time talking to them and they asked him lots of Questions. Whilst the children were at the Minster they also took part in some other interesting activities demonstrating the job of a Bishop. Bishop Paul said he was very impressed by the knowledge, spirituality and behaviour of the children.

Easter Workshop

Class 3 had a fabulous morning following the story of Holy Week at Leeds Minster. There were 6 stations in the church each having a different part of the Easter story to explore. There were lots of pictures and artefacts and then the children did reflection and bible based activities.


Remember Remember.....

As part of their topic learning all about Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it, Class 3 decided to bring the story to life by having a real bonfire night experience! The all stood around the bonfire, eating jacket potatoes and toffee and they even enjoyed some sparklers - they had a great time.

Skipping Day!

The sun was shining for Class 3's skipping day. They thoroughly enjoyed the styles of skipping they were taught and got lots of brilliant exercise!

Harlow Carr Trip

Pup on the Pitch

This group of year 3 pupils have really enjoyed reading this football story book in guided reading this half term. They are excited about getting the sequel next year.

Class  have read the story 'Three Trees' by Angela Hunt. They drew their own pictures of the story and made them into a video! They then narrated the text and added music - this is the result!



Romans for a Day

Class 3 had a brilliant time at Murton Park in  York, where they all got to be a Roman Soldier for a day. They enjoyed moulding and designing their own oil lamps, as well as writing a Roman contract in Latin and fighting with sword and shield!