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Class 1 


Class 1 had a great time when a coach came in to teach them some basketball skills, they were really good at bouncing the ball!

Houses & Homes

Class 1 enjoyed a field work activity as part of their Geography work - looking at the different types of houses and homes in the area surrounding school. They found lots of different types of houses and homes, and recognised the type of home they lived in.

Harlow Carr Trip

Class 1 visited Harlow Carr in Harrogate, as part of their science work. The journey to Harrogate was so exciting, we saw lots of different animals in the fields. We even went over a bridge, to cross the river! Once inside Harlow Carr we had leaf identification bags, and collected different types of leaves. When collecting the leaves, we needed to look closely at the different shapes, and sizes. After lunch, we had a great time playing in the treehouse, and play area. It was a great day, and we were very tired when we got back to school.

Abbey House Trip

Class 1 visited Abbey House Museum to learn about life a long time ago. We remembered that there was no electricity and plastic had not been invented. We had to clean the house, and do the washing! It was great fun using the dolly tub, mangle and flat iron. We did not like the smell of the soap, which we had to grate, to put into the dolly tub. Fetching and carrying the hot water in a jug from the range was hard work too. 

We also visited the shops and houses on the cobbled street, and found a shop full of Burmantofts Pottery.

Party time!

Class 1 had a brilliant Christmas party. They looked wonderful in their party clothes and had lots of fun.

Class 1 Nativity

Class 1 had a lovely morning with their parents. They watched the nativity on the big screen, and enjoyed singing along with the songs they had learnt. The children then sat with their parent, and completed a Christmas What Am?  activity. 
This was followed with a cup of delicious hot chocolate with squirty cream and sprinkles! The children were so excited to see Father Christmas, and receive a present. 
Finally, the parents enjoyed looking through their children's books - it was lovely hearing the children talk about the work they had done.  
A very busy, and enjoyable morning. It was lovely to see so many smiley faces.
Skelton Grange Trip
Class 1 had a brilliant day at Skelton Grange as part of their science and geography work.
  • We read a book about the seasons, and knew it is now Winter
  • We looked for deciduous and evergreen trees, and looked closely at similarities and differences between leaves.
  • We read the story 'Owl Babies' and learnt about nocturnal animals. Then we made some snowy owls.
  • We thought about the clothes we need for each season, and made some gnomes. We remembered to make them a winter coat to keep them warm!
  • The afternoon was spent playing in the woods. Some children made a den with sticks and leaves (it's really important we have a shelter to keep us dry and warm in the winter). 
  • The end of the day was spent around a camp fire, to keep us warm. We had a special treat - POPCORN, which was popped over the fire.
        It was a brilliant day!

International Week - New Zealand

Class 1 have enjoyed learning about New Zealand. 
They have learnt to sing a song in Maori:
Swing my poi up high
 Swing my poi down low
 Swing it up high, down low, close to me, away from me 

Harlow Carr

Class 1 had a brilliant day at Harlow Carr. They collected leaves, and identified the tree they were from using a leaf identification bag. The children enjoyed a picnic lunch, and finished the day playing in the treehouse.

Class 1 have been looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy.  Look at some of the amazing work we have done.

Fire of London

Class 1 have been leaning about the Great Fire of London in History. They know the houses were built of wood, and were very close to each other. We built paper house, and set a fire in The Bakers Shop on Pudding Lane. Then the hard work started, using a human chain with buckets of water Class 1 put the fire out. Look at the pictures and you will see we used the wrong buckets... In 1666 there were no plastic buckets as plastic had not been invented!

Class 1 Gardeners

Class 1 have started a new science topic, plants. They have learnt to label parts of a plant using the words: roots, branch, trunk, leaves, flower, and stem. They have worked very hard in the school garden, preparing a bed for growing plants and seeds. Once the bed was ready, they have planted some strawberry and leek plants. They have also sowed radishes, lettuces, spring onions and sunflower seeds. Keep your eye on the garden for some delicious fruits and vegetables!

Home Learning

Good morning Class 1

There is lots of lovely learning for you all. Click on the link below to find out what we  would like you to do. Let Mrs Fletcher and Miss Stockton know how you are doing on the blog.

Remember - only do the activities you have been asked to do.

We miss you lots - stay safe!

Love Miss Parry xxx

Week 8

This will be our last week of home learning and we are looking forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday 8th March. 

3 more sleeps until school starts!!!

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Week 7

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Monday 22nd February is a training day so teachers will not be on the blog as they will be busy doing other jobs today.

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Art Powerpoint for Monday 22nd February

Week 6

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Week 5

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Week 4

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Week 3

Learning for Friday 22nd January

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Maths, English and Geography answers

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Mrs Holliday's Wednesday Worship

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Week 2

Learning for Friday 15th January

Seren's Seasons Story Friday 15th January

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Week 1

Learning for Friday 8th of January

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Learning for Wednesday 6th of January

How to use Purple Mash

Click above for a short clip to show you how to use Purple Mash - thank you to Mrs Vickers for putting it together for us. Please help your child to send messages to their teachers in the blog and upload pictures of their work. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Santa's Farm

Happy Christmas!
Class 1 have learnt a poem called 'Sweet Symbol' the author is unknown. They have hung candy canes on the Class 1 Christmas tree, and are looking forward to taking one home.
Merry Christmas to all our families, love from Class 1.

Home Learning

Happy Friday Class1! Mrs Fletcher has given you lots of lovely work to do. Remember to go onto Purple Mash to leave her a message and see what other activities are waiting for you. Have a lovely weekend. I am looking forward to seeing you all next week.

Love Miss Parry xxx

Activities for Friday 6th November

Answers for Friday 6th November


Good morning Class 1. Have a great day. We are very happy with how hard most of you are working. Keep it up!

Activities for Thursday 5th November

Answers for Thursday 5th November

Answers for Thursday 5th November


Happy Wednesday Class 1. Mrs Fletcher was really pleased with how hard you were working yesterday. Remember to make sure you are doing the work that correct work each day.

Have a brilliant day!

Activities for Wednesday 4th November

Answers for Wednesday 4th November

Mrs Holliday's Assembly - enjoy it with your family


Good morning Class 1!

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the lovely activities that Mrs Fletcher gave you to do yesterday. Mrs Fletcher told me that most of you were working very hard. Well done!

Thank you to all of the parents who collected the learning packs. The rest will hopefully be sent home today. 

Remember to only do the activities Mrs Fletcher tells you to do.

She would love to hear from you on the Class 1 Blog on Purple Mash. Click on the link below to help you to log on. 

Have a lovely day. We miss you lots and will see you very soon.

Love Miss Parry

Activities for Tuesday 3rd November

Answers for Tuesday 3rd November

Activities for Monday 2nd November


Thank you                        

Important Letter for Parents

International Week

Class 1 have been learning about New Zealand as part of International week. Using a globe and a world map they have located England and New Zealand. We have also compared the seasons for the month of October in England (Autumn)  and New Zealand (Spring). They have also learnt to count to ten in Maori.

Activities for Tuesday 20th October 2020

Class 1 are going to have a practise at learning online today.

Self Portraits
Class 1 had a lovely afternoon looking at portraits. The children had to look carefully to find smaller details in the pictures. 
They have been inspired, and are all ready to start some 'self-portraits'.

Hello Class 1!

Click on the links to read messages and information from your teacher. 

Week 9

Activities for Friday 12th June

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Hand Washing for Wednesday 10th June

Activities for Tuesday 9th June

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Activities for Monday 8th June

Maths answers for Monday 8th June

Abbey House Museum

What was it like living in the past? Living in a house with no electricity?
The children in Class 1 visited Abbey House Museum to learn about homes long ago. We spent the morning working hard to do the washing and cleaning.  

Fruit Salad

In D.T, Class 1 learnt about cutting food safely, using the 'bridge' and 'claw'. They peeled fruit and stirred the ingredients together to make a fresh fruit salad. The children enjoyed eating fruits they had never tasted before!

Skelton Grange Trip

Class 1 had a great trip to Skelton Grange. The children learnt about the seasons and the different signs. The day started by playing a hibernation game and then had the opportunity to explore the grounds and make some winter crafts. In the afternoon they made dens and played in the mud kitchen. The day finished with an open fire and freshly made popcorn!

Thackray Medical Museum Workshop - Teeth and Health Eating

We couldn't visit Thackray Medical Museum this year as it is closed for re-refurbishment. Instead, the museum came to us! We had a brilliant workshop on teeth and healthy eating. We learned what our different types of teeth do and started off by making a banana sandwich! We used a knife to cut the sandwich into smaller bits - this is the job of our incisor teeth at the front. Then we ripped the pieces with our fingers - this is like the job of our canine teeth (we woofed like dogs when we did this!) We then used a potato masher to squish the bits - this is like the job of our molar teeth! We put everything into a bag which we pretended was a stomach. We added some water to pretend it was saliva and then added some acids (vinegar and soap liquid) and squished it all together - it looked yucky! We saw some bubbles in the bag and we thought it was very funny like human wind!!! We also looked at some tools used a long time ago to pull teeth out! We will remember to brush our teeth twice a day!  We had a great time and learned lots!

Temple Newsam Trip

Class 1 visited Temple Newsam house to look at some amazing portraits. The children then created a portrait of a man they named Peter.They learnt some new words: background, foreground, pose and sitter. Some of the children dressed up as some of the people in the portraits, and the other children sketched them.

R.E. A Sense of Belonging
Class 1 visited Leeds Minster to learn about baptism.  The children enjoyed taking on the role of 'Parents' and 'Godparents' to Rebecca, Joshua and Ruby.
PE - Using the large apparatus.
The children have been learning how to use the large apparatus safely. They can now jump off the bench, remembering to bend their knees and hold their landing position. Next week we will be learning 'tuck' and 'star' shapes. 
A busy start to Year 1.
We have been forming lovely shaped letters in handwriting, making NUMICON number lines in Maths and sketching some self-portraits in Art.

Harlow Carr

Class 1 had a brilliant day at Harlow Carr Gardens. They used leaf identification bags to collect different types of leaves. After a picnic lunch, there was time to play in the tree house and visit the bird hide.

Fire Fighters

Class 1 had great fun learning about the Great Fire of London. They worked hard with Mr Birkinshaw to try and put the fire out, by passing buckets of water along the chain. 


Class 1 completed some fieldwork. They walked around the area surrounding school, identifying the different types of homes. 

We saw: terraced houses, high-rise flats, flats, semi-detached houses, maisonettes and a bungalow!

Looking after pets

In science, the children in class 1 have been learning about looking after pets. Miss Spinks brought her pet guinea pig to visit us. We thought he was very cute and got to stroke him and feed him. We learned that he needs food, water, shelter and lots of cuddles!

Abbey House Museum

Class 1 visited Abbey House Museum to learn about homes long ago, with no electricity. The children had to work very hard cleaning and washing. They also sorted pegs into 'new' and 'old'. 

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